Things to do in Chitwan- Home to one horned Rhinoceros

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Best things to do in Chitwan National Park

This time we are back with the things do to in Chitwan, home to one-horned rhinoceros. Chitwan is the fourth largest city of Nepal which covers an area of 2238.39 km square. Situated in the Terai region of Nepal, Chitwan is regarded as one of the tourist hubs of Nepal. Your visit to Nepal remains incomplete if you don’t see the beauty of  Chitwan National Park. 

Best Season to travel Chitwan National Park

Situated at the altitude of 150 meters above the sea level, Chitwan gets muggy during the summer season (March to June) with a temperature of 43 degrees Celsius in the shade. In the spring season (February to March) you will be able to see the best game-view of short grass everywhere, whereas autumn season gives you stunning Himalayan views and winter is comparatively warmer than Kathmandu. So you can visit Chitwan anytime throughout the year.

Best Things to do in Chitwan

There are many things to do in Chitwan National Park. Spending two or three days in Chitwan is a great way to complement your trek. Here are some of the few best things to do in Chitwan. 

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Wildlife Watching

As Chitwan National Park lies in the Chitwan, it is famous for its flora and fauna. It has over 400 species of birds, 500 species of mammals, and 65 different types of butterflies which makes it a great place for nature lovers.


Jungle Safari (by Jeep or by Foot)

Jungle safari by jeep or by foot is the best way to explore Chitwan National Park. Sitting in the back of an open jeep to see the animals will add more excitement to your journey. You have two options for a jungle safari by jeep. First is a short safari which will take about four hours to explore this national park. The second option is a full day safari where the trip starts early in the morning and ends around 17:00 p.m. In the second option, there is more chance to see tigers because this trip leads you to go deeper into the jungle. Whereas jungle safari by foot is best if you are looking for experiencing the wild plains and birds of Nepal. Bright colors generally scare the animal so we suggest you not to wear bright colors. 

Elephant Jungle Walk

 An elephant safari is one of the best and safest ways to explore the jungle of Chitwan. You can spot the wildlife closely from up there because the elephant can go closer to other animals without making wild animals notice that there are people on the back of the elephant. You can go up to 1 meter close to wild animals. You can explore how wild animals move through the jungle, what they eat, and how they interact with other animals. Normally jungle safari is done twice a day in Chitwan National Park either in the morning or evening. There is more chance of spotting the wild animals in the morning as compared to evening safari. There will be four people sharing one elephant normally, however you can reserve a single elephant if you will pay extra money. This elephant safari is about 2 hours long. If you are lucky enough, you can see different species of wild animals like Royal Bengal Tiger, One Horn Rhino, Leopard, Wild Boar, Sambar Deer, and many more animals. We suggest you wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants in a jungle safari because during your elephant ride you may encounter long tree branches that may scratch you. 

Bird Watching

Chitwan National Park is a magnet for devouring bird watchers. There are about 886 species of birds in Nepal among them 550 species are found in the Chitwan National Park. You will get a chance to recognize different species of birds with their whistles and alarm calls. There is a variety of migrating as well as all-season birds flying around. There is a high chance of spotting birds on the river banks, the plain grass, and inside the jungle. Kingfishers, Peacocks, Storks, Bulbul, Eagles, and Ruddy Shelduck are some varieties of birds that you will find in Chitwan National Park. It is better to use a guide for bird watching as the chance to view different species of birds increases. Bird watching is considered to be the major attraction of Sauraha. 

Best things to do in Chitwan National Park Pinnacle Expedition

River Safari by Wooden Canoe

A slow canoe ride gives you the best experience of boating on the gentle rivers of lower Nepal. This ride will give you a perfect opportunity to see the crocodile and other aquatic creatures. You don’t need to peddle the boat as a boatman joins the ride which helps to stay relaxed. During a wooden canoe ride, you must be very careful and don’t move unnecessarily because you will be at the home of wild animals. You will also have the option of stopping along the riverbank and taking a short jungle walk.

Explore the Local Village of Chitwan

Most of the buildings and houses of Chitwan are made with straw-thatched roofs. You will get a good opportunity to see how people lived and watch them go about their daily life. Tharu community resides along the entire length of the local village of Chitwan, you can get a close and personal observation of the Tharu culture. You also visit Tharu Village Museum in the heart of Sauraha Bachhauli where you can see various traditional Tharu dresses and weapons. You can either visit the Tharu village with the help of a map or you can get a guide for this.

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Elephant River Walk and Bathing

Elephant river walk and bathing are most things to do in Chitwan. A short jungle or village walk with the elephant along the bank of the Narayani river is the perfect way to end your day. Elephants are let loose to cool down in Narayani river, where you can also enjoy the picnic as sunsets. Which activity is generally available from February through to November because the water is too cold for elephants in December and January.

Elephant Education and Visit elephant breeding center

You will get a chance to learn about elephants and how they’re cared for if you are interested in that. The elephants and their owner (mahouts) usually walk to the grassland to collect fodder for the rest of the day in the morning, you can join them too. It is rewarding to see the close bond between the elephant and its mahout and watching them working together to collect grass. Elephant breeding center is also considered to be the major attraction of Chitwan. Elephant breeding center in Chitwan is one of the only two in the world, so it is unique. Since the population of elephants is endangered in Nepal this breeding center is installed to increase the population of elephants. 


What are the major attractions of the Chitwan district?

The major attractions of Chitwan district are :

  • Chitwan National Park
  • Narayani River
  • One-horned Rhino
  • Tharu Culture and Museum Center
  • Elephant Breeding Center
  • Tiger Residency Center
  • Sauraha

What is Chitwan National Park famous for?

Chitwan National Park is famous for jungle safari and wildlife viewing. You can witness endangered One-horned Rhinos, Royal Bengal Tiger, Deer, Monkeys, Wild Boar, and up to 544 species of birds.

How far is Chitwan National Park from Kathmandu?

Chitwan National Park is just 5 hours drive from Kathmandu. The distance from Kathmandu to Chitwan is 155 KM.


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